The Casino Stories Of The Sports Legends

In the fields, courts, and courses, the greatest athletes are among the most competitive people in the world. In the boxing ring or in the MMA Octagon, the best in their field endure hundreds of strokes just to stay undefeated. Even so, some of the greatest athletes, as relentless as they are at peak physical performance, can equally be driven to win at the casino Victory996.

Floyd Mayweather

In the case of Mayweather, who is considered one of the biggest players in his hometown of Las Vegas, the casino bosses indulge in his nickname Money because he is willing to lose him. The gambling constraint is so great that odds provider RJ Bell predicted that he would bet $ 5 million on winning his last fight, the duel against UFC star Conor McGregor. ESPN later reported that he tried to put $ 400,000 on himself. However, the M Resort in Vegas declined to accept the bet and feared that it might have been illegal.

Mayweather fearlessly sent a friend to bet for him. He managed to wager $ 87,000 on behalf of the champion. A source reported that “[Mayweather] was upset” that the stake was so low. His pain was certainly exacerbated after he won the fight and slipped some money through his fingers due to the comparatively low bet.

Late last year, Mayweather hosted a $ 300,000 blackjack tournament in the Bahamas, making it clear that he is no stranger to this game. In fact, the fighter is said to bet up to $ 100,000 per hand. He went so far as to tell the Daily Telegraph: “I want to visit places alone. I want to go to the casino alone and play blackjack.”

Wayne Rooney

Former Manchester United legend and current Derby County player Wayne Rooney is the inspiration for all athletes looking for action outside of their real world. Earlier this year, the Sun said he managed to lose an incredible 500,000 pounds while playing blackjack and roulette. A source reported that losses are as painful to him as any other player: Rooney is said to have looked pretty bad. “He swore quietly and seemed to be in his own little world – pinned to the tables and the machines around him,” a source told the newspaper. “He looked really kinky towards the end.”

Mario Balotelli

Despite being considered a footballer as an enfant terrible, the Italian footballer and current Brescia Calcio player also have a warm side. After winning £ 25,000 one night at a Manchester casino, he met a homeless man outside and made Men’s Day his lucky day by donating a generous £ 1,000. “The man could hardly believe his luck,” said an eyewitness. “Mario just handed him a stack of bills and disappeared.”

This is our idea of ​​a good and kind player!

Other sports legends

It’s the kind of financial risk that puts him in a hall of fame that most athletes would pass on just as quickly. One of the most productive athletes to hit the casinos was basketball superstar Michael Jordan (he once admitted losing $ 165,000 the night before a Knicks game), former Mets player Alex Rodriguez (he was at the table with Phil Hellmuth at illegal poker in NewYork photographed) and John Daly, who admitted to losing between $ 50 million and $ 60 million over a twelve-year period. Charles Barkley, who played his opponents on the basketball courts, was less successful in the Las Vegas casinos. The Wynn Las Vegas once sued Barkley for $ 400,000. He was said to still have to pay.

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